Energy Pricing

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cialis mind times;”>There is a lot going on in the field of energy pricing at the moment and it is hard to make sense of it.  Young PLPs on their various closed groups on What’s App and Facebook are pissed off to no end that the energy price falls worldwide are not making it to the pump in Nassau.  The price is now somewhere around 50 dollars per barrel, buy viagra viagra way below the 100 dollars per barrel earlier this year and they do not see  any fall in the gas pump prices in Nassau.  Meanwhile people are fascinated by the geo political plays.  Some say the Americans are in the market with the Canadians and flooding the market with oil from their fracking practices in the Midwest of their countries.  Others say it’s the Saudis and OPEC seeking to drive the US and Canadians out of the market by dropping the price of oil too low to make it uneconomic for producers in the Dakotas and the Canadian tar sands to continue to produce

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. Then there are some who say it’s the American and the British and the west using OPEC to drive the prices down so Russia which is dependent on oil will go broke.  Then you have Richard Branson of Virgin who says this is an attempt by the Saudis to stop renewable energy from taking off because when oil is cheap, no one wants to invest in expensive renewable energy.  Sounds great to us, you take your choice.