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After last week’s report on 22 June 2019 that Erin Greene, the LGBTQ activist was threatened with her life, we think it is time that someone stand up for her.  She is the lone voice in this country for some sanity in the public domain when it comes to the lives, safety and public policy of those people who have a gay orientation.  Notwithstanding the changes in the law here, there is a deep seated prejudice about a phenomenon that is as old as mankind and is almost certainly as old as The Commonwealth Of The Bahamas.

Ms. Greene’s offence to many in the society is that she will not go away and be quiet.  The question: is she is a citizen of The Bahamas? As such, she is entitled to her views and opinions so why should  she be quiet.  Why should she be quiet in a country which is already awash with violence, where people of gay orientation are assaulted, insulted and some have been killed for being so and the killers are let free, why should she be quiet.

We print below the range of insults that were reported in The Tribune on 22 January last week what came as a result of her intervention in the press that Buju Banton who is a promoter of violence against gay people should be allowed to come into the Bahamas provided he does not sing the offensive song which urges people to kill gay men and women.

On that we disagree.  We think he should not be allowed to come into The Bahamas at all on the ground of public policy.

The problem is the Christian Council has been silent.  There has not been one objection at the Department of Immigration on the matter.  Instead Ms. Greene has been attacked.

The lives of people who have a homosexual orientation in The Bahamas are expendable. This is so even though everywhere you look the country depends on people of that orientation to run the country, even at the organs and in the church choirs and in the pulpit and in the House of Assembly.

Last year we listed at least half a dozen people in the House of Assembly who banged on the table and were silent when the Speaker of the House of Assembly attacked a fellow legislator as gay and a pervert because of it.  Six of them who are all known to be gay themselves banged on the table and said not a word.

That is The Bahamas of today.

What those legislators are of course is their business but what is important is that they should not support violence and death against other human beings,

For that Ms., Green is a very brave and courageous woman indeed and The Bahamas owes her debt of gratitude for having the unique ability to speak up and not be afraid.

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