Errors At The AG’s Office

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viagra canada ampoule times;”>The Court of Appeal last week dismissed  the case against a Jamaican woman who was the first person convicted of Trafficking In Persons (TIP) in The Bahamas. She was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Now she is set free after serving two years in jail.  The reason is that someone forgot to check to see whether it was possible and lawful for the person to be charged in the Supreme Court.  Turns out that she could only have been charged in the Magistrate’s Court.  You think someone could not have checked that before they had the Attorney General sign a document fast tracking the matter to the Supreme Court. The case has international implications.  The U.S. authorities largely on the strength of that conviction took The Bahamas off their special list of countries that did not do enough on Trafficking In Persons.  Now the whole matter is put at risk because of an elementary mistake.  This is the second such mistake in as many months.  Last month, viagra sale try the AG’s office charged people under gang legislation with great fanfare the first time in history, order they said.  Later it was discovered that the act was never brought into force and so the charge was of no effect. Jesus H. Christ!