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Have you ever tried to reach someone at a Branch of the Royal Bank of Canada or Finco in The Bahamas?  You should try it for yourself even if you are not “a client” as they say of the Bank.  You dial a number in Nassau and someone in Jamaica picks up the phone. You are told that the  people manning the phone are busy and cannot speak to you so hold on. You can hold on for up to thirty minutes and ultimately most people give up in disgust we can imagine. This is banking in The Bahamas.  As an alternative, you might try  finding a website for the Royal Bank of Canada in The Bahamas which might have the names and addresses of those who work at the bank if you need to contact them. No luck there either in this modern age when the bank says it is adjusting itself to be paperless and apparently “human-less”.  There have been a steady number of complaints about the dissing of Bahamian customers by this bank for the past two years. as the technology changes came and the lack of service mounted. The PLP has to consider passing laws to mandate human contact and local access numbers to counteract this deficiency in service.