Everett Mackey The Bahamas’ Nazi Artist

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pharmacy times;”>Well Hiel Everett Mackey.  Mr. Mackey was the centre of attention being all of 26 and proud of the fact that his painting of the Prime Minister Perry Christie pictured as Pinocchio and as Hitler received such great attention.  He was unrepentant in the press on Monday 19th October.  He won the first prize in the Central Bank Art Competition.  For his troubles he got the princely sum of $7500.  Some were concerned that the pubic funds were being used to help fuel political propaganda.  The artist community was having none of it.  They pleaded freedom of expression.  The artist said that the painting had accomplished what he wanted and that this was how people thought of Mr. Christie’s leadership.  He said that the only ones who would be upset would be PLPs anyway. So Mr. Mackey does that mean that the only people who support it are FNMs and DNAs? Here is what The Tribune quoted him as saying: “I knew it was going to get a reaction but I didn’t expect it to go that far but it’s getting that kind of attention because it’s true. The only people who would hate it are those who are strong supporters of the PLP. Every Bahamian I’ve come into contact with feels we can’t say anything that will make a difference in this country so I did the painting so I could speak for those people. I knew I wouldn’t win and I had no intentions of winning. They wouldn’t have been able to keep that up in the Central Bank.”

buy times;”> We thought to say to the freedom of expression advocates: do you think if this were a naked woman with her pubic hairs showing and her vulva there for all to see or a man with an erect penis in orgasm the Central Bank would have agreed and the artists community would have agreed that this was a fit and proper subject for public display in the Central Bank art competition?  Guess it depends on whose curating.  Things get curiouser and curiouser.  Legal action may be taken against the artist for libel.