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 The headline in The Tribune last week was as startling and it was untrue. According to Dr Duane Sands, the PLP put in place a contract with a vendor called All Scripts, for the installation of a Health Management Information System. This system was designed to rationalize the billing process across all public service health entry points and thus capture more revenue for the Public Hospitals Authority. The contract was signed in 2016.  According to Dr. Sands, the vendor never delivered.  He forgot to say that he cancelled the contract before the vendors could put in the first phase of the contract. All he was interested in was blaming the PLP.  Turns out that Dr. Sands has no clue what he is saying at all. Behind the scenes, people urged him to shut his mouth.  The bidding process could not be impugned. The PLP does not install computers nor write software. He cancelled the contract so the blame if there was no production is squarely on him. The Chairman of the PLP Senator Fred Mitchell issued the voice note.