False Row Over Bahamar Taxes

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Last week, with blaring headlines, the newspapers claimed that based on a leaked email, the Bahamar project and its construction component would attract no Value Added Tax.  The Opposition went off on tangent about that.  No one said let’s get the darned thing open and we need to get it open and our people back to work.  Instead wasting time on a false argument.  We say on balance even if there is no VAT, it’s worth it.  It breaks no new ground. What we find curious though that after attacking Jerome Fitzgerald and Fred Mitchell they say for stealing emails of other people, a charge which has no basis in fact, and saying that those emails should not be placed in the public domain even though it is in the public interest to do so; no one sees the irony of the Opposition and the press using a leaked, read stolen email to attack the government over Bahamar.  This is what you call a double standard.