Farewell Courtenay Strachan

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So Courtenay Strachan, two years or so after the death of his wife Marilyn, has gone on to join her.  The Kiwanian, the businessman, the St Agnes member, the Lunch Bunch member, all gone with the wind, just like that. Covid has cut a swath in this country across the  mature generation.  Mr. Strachan is emblematic of the huge losses we are taking in this country with our knowledge base, and our sense of stability.  His loss is a huge loss and there are other families and sub communities that feel similar losses. One cannot help but think that we can do better than this, that there is negligence and inattention to detail that has the state of our health care system so crippled and useless that it cannot save our senior citizens.  Bless him on his way.  He will be missed is not to say  enough but words at this point are useless. It is very sad.