Fayne Thompson On Power Crisis

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From Fayne Thompson on FB


 I very rarely dive into the public space to criticize policy makers and this policy maker is Desmond Bannister. He is a life long friend. I am troubled by the obvious difficulties he finds himself placed in by this BPL disaster.  

Immediately then I must take issue with him that there is no crisis at BPL if I am going to be honest and speak truth to power. The crisis at BPL is real,  unreal and existential . It is real because unlike the Ingraham road works disaster this  BPL disaster impacts the lives of every Bahamian  living in New Providence. We can not avoid the “traffic ” Minister as we did with Ingrahams signature “Road Works ” as everywhere we turn Minister the lights are off.          The crisis is existential as I sense that it is a contrived crisis to prepare the Bahamian people  for the next great obscenity which is the privatisation of BPL with all the attendant additional disasters which that WILL involve.  Sorry Desmond I do not believe that it should take until December 15 for the completion of a New Plant . The City of New York took a mere 4 hours recently to solve its Generation issues for 8 million people. I do not accept  that the outages should drag on . I cannot countenance  that there will be no compensation for consumers/taxpayers in the circumstances. Finally I must holler at the top of my lungs that Bahamians should sue  the pants off BPL for egregious and continuing breaches of Contracts in the provision of its services. A representative action of hundreds/ thousands of Bahamians against BPL and the Government is mandatory a d is being incited by me.

I am reminded of a book penned by Naomi Klein and I recommend its review. The name of the book is the “Shock Doctrine.” It is a monumental piece of work one which traces the legacy of neoliberalism from its birth in Chile in 1975 to the Bahamas in 2019 a book which also explains what cynical Governments do before the implementation of further Privatisation of key social services. I implore  Bahamians to YouTube the text and watch the videoes. It makes no sense to blame BPL without understanding the ideological agenda which undergirds this CONTRIVED,  FAKE,  DECEPTIVE  artificially generated Crisis which  now wracks BPL ,a crisis which is not new and can be resolved in short order. 

On this one Desmond I can not support you and for the manifest hardship which is now being visited upon our people you must fire Whitney Heastie and his team. 

Fellow Bahamians our options are clear . This neoliberal privatisation trainwreck marches on. Ill  prepared, scary and lazy politicians are softening you /us up for the announcement that BPL has been sold  and  that eventuality  which  is being hatched as we speak,we  will told will forever free us from a repeat if 2019. Paul Maynard is correct this is BULLSHIT and if  I offend forgive my shame as there is none left. In my life we have commodified and poisoned at the alter of market fundamentalism one of the greatest redesigns of the human condition It was called Bahamianisation . Shame on us. Resist Whitney Heastie …Sue BPL.!