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The funerals for the victims of the plane crash that took the lives of Myles Munroe and his followers have been announced.  The demands, discount viagra sales perhaps requests, medical is a better word are interesting.  The argument is made by his followers that he was such a significant presence and contributor to The Bahamas and its reputation that the state ought to give him a state funeral and that the national stadium ought to be provided for him to be memorialized. 


In the meantime, the national preoccupation with this accident goes on.  It appears that the accident did not happen at 5:10 p.m.  It appears that the plane hit the crane at 4:52 p.m

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. and there is said to be video of the accident that shows exactly what happened.  We are still awaiting the results of the flight recorders.  What puzzles people is why was an experienced pilot  at that place at 116 feet in the air, when it was clear that he was way off and far too low? He was two miles away from the airport and he was too close to the ground. 


People keep going over it, over and over.  Why? Why? Why? The collective knowledge that was lost in that plane in this accident reverberates around the country and probably will for years to come. It teaches us that no matter how high and mighty we get, that there are consequences in the lives of other people that we cannot foresee, and we must be particularly careful in life when others depend on us for their survival and well-being.  So much went up in smoke in that accident.


A word of caution to Myles Munroe’s followers. It is important that they get a grip on the realities of life.  This is not about the canonization or deification of Myles Munroe.  He was human being.  This should not be an excuse to blow hundreds of thousands of dollars, dollars that can be usefully used to continue his ministry and enrich the lives of his followers as opposed to building some concrete monument to get wet in the rain.  We should not be so self-absorbed that we cannot see the forest for the trees.


You can take a page from the books written by Christ’s followers.  You can imagine how they felt after the man they thought was going to rescue them from the Romans was crucified.  Their doubts didn’t last long.  They made sure that the story of the resurrection got told.  In other words, the best thing to do for Myles Munroe is to ensure that the work he stood for survives, rather than spending it on tombs and monuments.



You may click here for the funeral announcements: