FNM Coaching Andre Rollins

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viagra generic recipe times;”>Andre Rollins broke ranks with the PLP’s caucus last week and moved (without the leave of the Cabinet or the caucus or its support) a resolution to look into the Rubis oil spill. In the process he, discount cialis drugstore while pretending to be PLP, attacked his own party and government suggesting that the PLP withheld the report on the Rubis oil spill ( false); that the PLP was afraid it would lose the stamp duty on the Rubis purchase ( false the PLP was not the government when the sale took place); that the PLP was expecting a financial contribution from Rubis ( false); that the PLP had something to hide false). One falsehood after the next put in the form of questions and innuendoes. Too clever by half. Sitting before him were the FNMs, sotto voce, coaching him as to what to say and do. The matter would have been dead in the water if the ranks in the caucus held but they did not because another MP for the PLP Renward Wells seconded the motion which made it possible for the matter to be put to a vote. In the end the PLP voted against it with 7 yeas, 15 nays and 15 absent. That was a good result and good lesson for people who reach too far beyond their britches.