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buy viagra times;”>The look on the face and countenance of Dr. Hubert Minnis as he appeared on Wednesday 25 May in the House of Assembly as he sat with his “colleagues” from the FNM showed that he was under enormous pressure.  We didn’t know why then but the stories have come out.  On Monday 23rd May, cialis sales there as a knock down drag out attempt to sabotage what he is trying to do with the FNM.  He is heading the rump of the Cecil Wallace Whitfield faction of the FNM, the breakaway patriots from the PLP and their successors, who want the FNM to be a truly democratic ordinary man’s party.  Arrayed against him are the forces of the FNM upper class, the rump of the old Bay Street click and they will not surrender willingly their party.  Dr. Minnis and his allies believe that it is now their time to actually get the reigns of the party and an honest shot at the government. 

Leading the charge against him is ultimately Hubert Ingraham somewhere in the background you can be sure.  But the fact is now the revolt is led by Brent Symonette, the son of the former Bay Street boy’s Premier Sir Roland Symonette and a former Deputy Prime Minister.  Mr. Symonette has been using his great wealth to influence the result.  He wants to be successor to the Office of Prime Minister that his father once had.  Mr. Minnis went to nominate seven candidates on Monday but could only manage four because he was ambushed by the Symonette faction.

Mr. Minnis was caught by surprise on Monday night.  His allies were not lined up and Mr. Symonette’s allies surrounded him.   Mr. Symonette wants at a very minimum to control all of the eastern seats: Fox Hill, St Anne’s, Yamacraw and Elizabeth.  He has reportedly pledged to fund entirely the campaign of Shonel Ferguson against Fred Mitchell in Fix Hill.

On Monday, the way things were lining up Andre Rollins who Mr. Minnis had brought into the party was not going to get any nomination from the FNM. Instead, it appeared that Mark Humes, who was recently the Chair of the DNA, was set to get the nod for Ft. Charlotte

There is also a decided tilt against incumbent Neko Grant from the Minnis’ camp.  They say he is not popular with the branch in Freeport but has managed to escape by the clever use of his powers of persuasion with the Constituencies Commission so that he never ends up running in the same area twice.   He is s survivor.  Mr.  Minnis’ allies want him gone.

Reports coming out of Monday’s meeting said you had one set of cussing and carrying on, calling one another those names like cocksucker, telling Andre Rollins to “sit his lil red ass down”, asshole etc.

If they thought Monday was bad, it got worse on Thursday 26th May. There was a meeting called with the MPs for the FNM before the Council meeting took place.  Led by André Rollins, who just reached, and supported by Loretta Butler Turner, Hubert Chipman and others say The Tribune, Mr. Minnis was told that if he didn’t call an early convention, earlier than the one for November, they would go to the Governor General and say they no longer supported him as leader.

Dr. Minnis felt pressured to agree and settled on a conclave to discuss the party’s future.  All hell broke loose when they went to the General Council meeting.  The Council which is controlled by Dr. Minnis’ allies turned on the MPs calling them traitors and turncoats.    Mr. Rollins was reportedly shocked at the names he was called in the meeting, not having any experience with the rough and tumble of party politics and internal wars.

The press and social media had all the gory details of the internecine fighting that’s taking place.  It gave the impression of a party in absolute turmoil.  The statements of former Chairman Darren B Cash did not help either.  He said that Dr. Minnis was in effect presiding over a meltdown of the FNM. 

So when we see Dr. Minnis in public now, you have to feel sorry for his situation.  It appears that he has no respite at all from the backstabbing against him.