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generic viagra cialis times;”>The FNM is like and we quote liberally here the Book of Corinthians like a sounding gong and a clanging cymbal. As Shakespeare would have said “sound and fury signifying nothing”.  The FNM believes that they are on a good wicket on the issue of crime.  Their feeling is that the PLP blamed them for crime.  They forget however that it was Janet Bostwick, their granddame  who campaigned by saying “ if you get rid of the PLP, you will get rid of crime”.   Their Chairman and their Leader have both now called for the Prime Minister, the Minister of National Security, the Attorney General, the Minister of Foreign Affairs the Minister of Labour to name a few who should resign or be fired. They have called for everyone’s dismissal. They are like a broken record.  The fact is crime is not political.  Neither is crime solvable by politicians or the police.  The community has to be properly led and shepherded by the political directorate. So it is quite bankrupt to be calling every week or other for some resignation.  It begins to wear thin.  You must have something else to say other than the Minister must resign.  The FNM then comes off as it relates to crime as being bankrupt ‘ Not surprisingly they are bankrupt on crime as they are on everything else. No idea what to do and nothing to put forward.