FNM Propaganda

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Notwithstanding the fact that the FNM and the DNA and those are all in the midst of the greatest soap opera in this country since the BDP/ FNM split in 1977, their propaganda machines are busy.  Their trolls put a long piece on the web which started off with reliance on an inaccurate piece from US Embassy statements that there is endemic corruption in The Bahamas and the PLP.  The only corruption that has been proven in this country is an FNM Board Member who was paid 300,000 dollars and found guilty of accepting a bribe to accuse BEC to buy some bad machines for which we now suffer.  So don’t come with that.  Then they say something about Chinese coming secretly in the night on a plane to work at Bahamar.  Another lie.  Turns out the people were Bulgarian tourists of high net worth visiting The Bahamas and helping the economy.  The FNM and the DNA just won’t stop with their propaganda and lies.