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Brian Seymore


Street justice and mob rule.  The end justifies the mean.  Moving the goal post in the middle of the game and, winning at all costs.  These expressions represent the lowest standard for civilized man and for the making of a despot.  This is not the Bahamian way.  We have party conventions, and outside of conventions, we have national general councils, or central council meetings on a monthly basis.  The party members also have a parliamentary caucas.  These are the long standing mechanisms we use in party politics in the Bahamas.

Mr. Edison Key, Member of Parliament, South Abaco confirmed that he was approached by a rogue MP to join in a plot to overthrow the duly elected leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, Dr. Hubert Minnis.  When he disclosed this it was no longer an FNM issue but a national issue.  We expect this type of behavior from a third world country but not from Bahamian Politicians jonesing for power at all costs.  This is a slippery slope we as a people should not tolerate.  

Hubert Minnis

In the Bahamas those who would be king are expected to behave in a time honored tradition when you declare and face your opponent and those you would wish to defeat.  You, then, face the delegates and allow the member delegates to decide who they will have to lead them.  This is our tradition, this is our way.  To draw one’s political sword in the dark of night is the ultimate act of cowardice, and is political treason.  No political organization should tolerate this behavior from a pack of political hyenas no good could ever come from this dishonorable behavior. 

The FNM is a coalition comprising three distinct groups:  The first grouping comprised the old UBP guard who believes it is their diving right to govern the masses.  To this day, they have not come to terms that the Bahamian people voted them out in 1967.  Today their contribution to the body politic is to ensure that the spelling and grammar of all bills presented in parliament are correct and to spew out bitterness about the inadequacies of majority rule government, how sad.  The second grouping comprises the upper class special negro who has achieved some measure of success and have forgotten from whence they came.  In some cases, they are ashamed of their humble past so they define themselves by their close association with the first grouping, our UBP brothers.  The masses of people have always and still remain suspicious of this grouping and never entrusted them with political power.  The final grouping comprises the followers of the late Sir Cecil Wallace-Whitfield.  It is said of this group that they lack the nobility of birth but always feel that broad base support is required to win an election.  It is further said that this group does not speak well, their verbs sometimes do not agree with their subject; or worst of all, they do not dress the part of prime time leadership, and are too earthy.  Hence, the present day problem of this coalition led by Dr. Hubert Minnis.

In parliament, the body language of the FNM tells the story of a coalition that is becoming unraveled.  Rather than turning themselves in to the party leader confessing their misdeeds and begging for mercy instead they show intransigence.  Yes, it was political treason but you can’t do anything about it.  So now, the country waits.