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This we think is funny. There were lots of complaints from FNM partisans about the protocol arrangements at the swearing in of the new Governor General on Friday 28th June 2019. Dion Foulkes, minister of the government, turned around and said that he blamed Fred Mitchell, former Minister of Foreign Affairs for the snafus, because in his words Mr. Mitchell did not straighten out the protocol department before he left and therefore the mess in the square. Silly of course and a non sequitur but that’s the FNM: just blame the PLP.

Earlier in the week, Carl Bethel, Attorney General, got to his feet and righteously objected to the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, Senator Fred Mitchell calling the FNM out on imposing the cap on real property tax for wealthy land and home owners in Lyford Cay. The answer from the Minister: the PLP put the cap in the first place and we removed it and now we are putting it back. Again, blame the PLP.

The funniest moment the week though had to be when Desmond Bannister, the Minister for Works and Electricity, was explaining to the press why people were sweating way in the heat and without power in New Providence, his answer was it was worse under the PLP.

Two years into their government that is all they can say to very problem.

It shows once again that these people are completely out of ideas. They have no idea what to do. They take credit for what the PLP left in place and then blame the PLP when they make huge mistakes in the execution of their badly framed policies.