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These two photographs of two homeless and mentally ill people were taken at 5 a m on 17th September 2019 and posted on Fred Mitchell- Minute By Minute on Facebook with the following words from Mr. Mitchell:

“On my walk this morning, these citizens were taking their rest. It was 5 a m and not a care in the world. These are not victims of Hurricane Dorian but the samples of the mentally ill and homeless on our streets too prevalently. Well it is a good and joyful thing to be clothed in your right mind. Shortly after the photo was taken the police came and woke them up. Time to go! 17 September 2019.”

The comment by Mr. Mitchell reached according to FB 14,247 other pages and 9,306 pages were engaged. There were some 95 comments. 

The comments were mainly from incensed FNM trolls who came back with the usual irrelevancies about what did Mr. Mitchell do when he was in power.  The fact is there are homeless people who are mentally ill on the streets and they are still there.  But we say this bit about the push back to folk who keep thinking in the PLP that this next election is going to be a walk over for the PLP because of the missteps of Hubert Minis and the disgruntlement you hear on social media.  The fact is there are still irrational people who hate the PLP and whatever is said by the PLP and the evidence is there in this one small example.