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The Parliamentary Commissioner’s office is trying its best to confuse and complicate the simple process of transferring from one constituency to the next. They are requiring your land papers in order to do so.  You must come with a  bill showing that you live at the address you claim. If you don’t have that you must come with evidence of a lease from your landlord or a letter from the person that you are living with.  Imagine the refugees from Dorian living in New Providence and other islands from Abaco and Grand Bahama and what a nightmare this will be.  Philip Davis, PLP Leader, had long ago asked the government to amend the law to provide for those who were displaced by the hurricane. Not a word from the Government.  So what this all adds up to is that by adding these extra requirements to transfer, they are suppressing the vote.  That is the FNM’s path to victory or so they think.