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viagra times;”>In preparation for the upcoming Election campaign The Free National Movement on 2nd June announced that its national convention will be held 27-29 July, viagra buy 2016, at the Melia Hotel, Cable Beach, Nassau, The Bahamas.

“This convention will be a time to express ourselves, our thoughts and our vision for the future.  It will also be a time to reflect on our past and celebrate the contributions of our great party as we look toward a forceful, spirited and united campaign for the future of The Bahamas.”

“For the past 4 years the PLP has shown us exactly what not to do and we will use this time in July to come together as a party and lay out the vision for a future that helps all Bahamians.”

“As a country, we cannot sit idle any longer and let this government transcend the democratic principles and values on which this country was built. The values and beliefs of the FNM give expression to the freedom and economic opportunities for the whole country. We are the party that believes in the highest ethical standards, promoting and respecting our Constitution. Together, we can and will defeat this corrupt government, and it all begins at convention.”

As details arise, the party will make them available to both convention participants and the press. We invite all to join us for a good time and excitement.