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The following statement was issued by the Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party Senator Fred Mitchell:

For Immediate Release

27 August 2021

During the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas’ extensive coverage of Nomination Day, 27 August, the Grand Bahama segment was stained by an insult thrown at the Grand Bahama based Rotary Clubs by a former FNM Cabinet Minister.

Rather than just admit that Dr. Minnis and this FNM government’s response and recovery efforts in East Grand Bahama have been poor, David Thompson, former FNM cabinet minister and campaign coordinator, said that as a result of the FNM’s MP for East Grand Bahama, Peter Turnquest’s connections with Rotary, Rotarians have done so much post Hurricane Dorian for the residents of East Grand Bahama.  

Nothing can be further from the truth. 

Rotary’s mantra locally and internationally, *Service Above Self,* was demonstrated in tremendous form in East Grand Bahama. The incredible work had absolutely nothing to do with Peter Turnquest’s influence. 

Dr. Minnis and the FNM government have mismanaged the Dorian recovery and relief exercise.

David Thompson, for nothing more than political gain, has cheapened and dismissed the wonderful work carried out by Rotary in the East to rebuild the lives and homes of residents who have been neglected by Dr. Minnis and this uncaring FNM government. 

The extraordinary commitment by Rotary to render such a community service should be devoid of desperate FNM politics for votes.

David Thompson should do the honourable thing and apologize to the Grand Bahama Rotary clubs.