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Isn’t it fun to watch FNMs picnicking on one another. It has been happening with increasing frequency these days. Poor Joe Darville, the puppet of the wacky attitudinal Fred Smith Q C was lamenting that he didn’t know what happened to the people who he elected to office in 2017.  They all seemed to have changed.  Good for you.  You stupidly voted and supported a pig in a poke.  Blinded by the dollars from Save The Bays and Mr. Smith, the environmental community went head long into the FNM abyss in 2017.  Now they are so ashamed they cannot even apologize to the Bahamian  people.  They were shocked at the approval given to Disney which will wreck the South Eleuthera area  The Prime Minister did not give a hoot about it.  They were shocked that the crooked Oban deal was signed in Grand Bahama to allow an oil facility there.  They were shocked again  that a criminal has been given permission to  develop 500 acres in Harbour Island and the Government   is proceeding with blinders on.  The thing that got us this week though was the Rights  Group that is another front for wacky altitudinal Fred Smith Q C was decrying that the Attorney General Carl Bethel described what the group had said about the detention centre as irrational . We agree with him. Rights Bahamas, Save The Bays, all part of the Fred Smith cabal are a set of wing nuts who are traitors to this country. They now plan to trash the country’s reputation this time down in Jamaica on 10 May before one of these kangaroo courts of the Inter American Commission on Human Rights.  Our only point is that they  and the Attorney General deserve each other. As they say on the streets they too stupid.