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It is reported that Erma Williams, a hard core FNM and the vendor who provides the food for the House of Assembly, had some choice words to say to the Minister of Finance. If those words are about the stupid decision of the Minister of Finance to cut the food budget of the House of Assembly and Senate, then he deserved to be cussed out.  His was simply  a stupid decision and it will have no effect on the budget deficit of 1.3 billion. Stupid in the extreme.

In the Senate,  Senators who receive the princely sum of net 900 dollars per month for their troubles and their  public life, used to be able to get tea and coffee when they arrived and  breakfast and lunch on days when the Senate met.  Sometimes a Senate sitting goes through lunch and dinner. But because of Peter Turnquest those amenities have been eliminated. That is part of the austerity measure, so Senators and House members are now to starve.

Mr. Turnquest  has said on the record in so many words, he is the smartest Minister of Finance ever.  All previous Ministers of Finance did not know what they were doing, according to him.  The facts don’t show that.  The facts show that he is running the largest deficit in the country’s history and has borrowed more than any other and the national debt is larger than it ever was.  He is presiding over downgrades and black listing.  If you can see brilliance in that , then you’re good.  Seems like stupidity to us.

Mr. Turnquest’s argument is that he must cut the food, tea and coffee budget to be able to cut down the 1.3 billion dollar deficit.  Do you know how much tea and coffee 1.3 billion dollars can buy? Stupidity and illogic.

But worst of all to us is that Erma Williams, who is a hard core FNM and one of the people in the trenches for them come what may, is now getting the raw end of the stick again.  We hold no brief for her personally but for the principle. What do people at that level fight for? They fight for the fact that when their Government comes to power, they will get a chance to be the vendor of choice for various Government efforts. There is nothing corrupt about it. It is accepted that when the FNM comes to power, they get to choose who will supply food to the House and Senate.

Just as the House has Erma  Williams, there is Cess Francis another FNM supporter who depends in part on that money to keep her going  by being the food vendor for the Senate.  Now all of that is cut out. And once again it is only the little people that suffer, Brent Symonette does not suffer one bit. He gets millions.  The little people get nothing.

We understand why they continue to support the FNM, both people. They are FNM and while we wish they weren’t, not everyone can be PLP.  But the principle is this: the FNM does not look out for small people.  It hurts small people. Cutting the food budget at the House and the Senate has had that affect. It has hurt two small people. That ain’t right.

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