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Vaughn Miller MP with Michael Halkitis, former MP for Golden Isles

Three and half years ago and some, the PLP and its supporters slinked into the good night, tails between their legs, many hiding and certainly most were down cast.  17 May 2020 seemed like a nightmare, a bad dream.  The wind was knocked out of the sails of the party as even its Leader Perry Christie ended up losing his seat in the House.  The PLP was left with 4 seats. Those that survived were Philip Davis, Glenys Hanna Martin, Picewell Forbes and Chester Cooper. If you called a meeting, it seemed that people were afraid to show up.  The exception being a rapturous welcome for the new Leader of the PLP Philip Davis when he visited the Fox Hill Constituency in June 2017.  Fast forward toward today, Vaughn Miller has joined the PLP.  He was on the public stage in Adelaide and having defeated the PLP by 1300 votes in 2017, he was now on the PLP stage saying loud and clear: “ PLP ALL THE WAY”  Surely this was evidence of all that Senator Mitchell had said weeks after the defeat. It was time to get to work to win the next election.  In May 2017 it was sixty months left to go.  Today there are 18 month to go. People are now fighting to get a PLP nomination to run for the House. Why do you think that is? What a difference three years and some make.