Foreign Affairs Responds To Adrian Gibson

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buy cialis there times;”>The chief graduate of the Fred Smith school of stupidity (he works for Fred Smith QC), just added another title to his name that of unethical journalist.  Adrian Gibson in his most recent column in The Tribune claimed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was using money sent by families to Haiti through its offices to pay bribes.  He has no evidence of it. He just asserted it. This is shockingly dishonest.  The Ministry’s reply is below.

Statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration

On Adrian Gibson’s Allegations
The Tribune

25 February 2016

For Immediate Release

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration (MOFA) responds to the account by Adrian Gibson in The Tribune dated 25 February under the headline: PILOT’S DEATH IN HAITI JAIL RAISES QUESTIONS FOR MITCHELL’S MINISTRY.

The article’s references to the Ministry’s handling of its consular obligations related to Bahamian Christopher Adderley who died in prison in Haiti are inaccurate, a mischaracterization and misleading. More specifically the allegation that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Bahamas engaged in passing money for bribes in Haiti from family members in The Bahamas is untrue.

The Ministry takes the highest offense to it.

The Ministry’s record shows that all officials both at home and in Port au Prince who were connected with this matter in assisting Mr. Adderley and his family did so with due diligence, carrying out their professional and national obligations to the letter and beyond.

Indeed one need go no further than the selective e-mail notes and correspondence published in the article to show that all the responsibilities of the Ministry to its national in distress overseas were in fact executed.

The death of Mr. Adderley is sad and regrettable. Our sympathies continue to be with his family. However, the grief of a mother should not be misused in support of an article as though by the grief the article’s information is truth.

Further, the Ministry’s investigation into the prison issues concerning Mr. Adderley is not yet concluded.