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Statement From The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On Order For All Bahamians To Leave Haiti

For Immediate Release

The Prime Minister has ordered an immediate involuntary departure from Haiti of all diplomatic personnel or as soon as security conditions permit.

Up to this time, there was a voluntary departure order in place and all staff at the embassy chose to stay. Per the new instructions, they are to leave for home as soon as conditions permit.

This is only a temporary measure in light of recent developments which require a corporate security and intelligence assessment and restaging.

This morning the Chargè reported that they had been stopped by Haitian police and relieved of their vehicle and weapons. This is part of a protest by the Haitian National Police against their own authorities.

All of our diplomats are personally safe.

There also is a report of 5 Bahamians from Bahamasair who landed at Port Au Prince Airport who were unable to leave the environs of the airport. They are all safe and well.

The security situation appears less stable over the past three days in the country, and we are taking steps out of an abundance of caution.

The pattern of security concerns is one of ebb and flow and these withdrawals are sometimes necessary to regroup.

The Security Forces in our country have been alerted to these developments.

As soon as conditions permit a team will be sent back into Haiti without further announcement.



27 January 2023

The Ministry is able to confirm that this morning all 7 Bahamian diplomats including the spouse of the Chargè d’affaires were airlifted out of Port au Prince by helicopter and have landed safely in the Dominican Republic.

The Prime Minister has expressed his deep gratitude and highest consideration to the President of the Dominican Republic Luis Abinadar and the Foreign Minister of the Dominican Republic Roberto Alvarez for the execution of this process.

The diplomats are likely to proceed home shortly.