Foreign Ministry Clarifies The Position On Secretary General

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Sir Ronald Saunders tells the Bahamian press an untruth

cialis sales times;”>On Friday 13th November, the candidate for Secretary General of the Commonwealth Ronald Saunders spoke to The Tribune and said that he was promised the support of the Prime Minister of The Bahamas for the job of Secretary General of the Commonwealth.  The Foreign Ministry issued the following statement in reply:

Statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Nassau, The Bahamas
On Candidate for Secretary General
13th November 2015

The following is released for public information with regard to The Bahamas’ position on the candidate for Secretary General of the Commonwealth.

The Cabinet of The Bahamas decided that the position of The Bahamas on the matter is reserved until the conference takes place in Malta on 27th November with a view to striking a Caricom consensus on a single candidate. No decision was taken with regard to support for any specific candidate.

That position has been communicated to all candidates who have asked for this country’s support.