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generic viagra buy cialis times;”>The following statement was issued on Friday 20th February by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration of The Bahamas in answer to the Inter American Human Rights Commission’s ruling on the Carmichael Road Detention Centre:

prostate times;”>The public is advised that the government of The Bahamas is in receipt of a report from the Inter-American Human Rights Commission of the Organization of American States regarding an assessment of the conditions at the Carmichael Road Detention Center and issuing precautionary measures.  The measures were issued it said because a number of human rights groups claimed that the life and physical integrity of various migrants at the Carmichael Road Detention Centre were at risk.  We believe that the concerns are overstated and inaccurate.

The report is being more fully reviewed and a diplomatic note will be dispatched shortly giving the considered response of the Bahamas Government to these allegations.  

At first blush, it is unfortunate that the report appears to have adopted the narrative of the various human rights groups and press- based advocates that are not based in fact. Many of its assertions are based on untested tendentious, anecdotal material. In the face of these inaccuracies, it is difficult to accept any conclusions which flow from this decision of the Commission

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. It simply strains credibility.  The decision is not helpful in resolving the issues which are confronted by illegal migrants to The Bahamas and comes off as prejudicial. 

 The Government has in its possession a report commissioned by a panel headed by a former Justice of Appeal of the Court of the Bahamas about the conditions at the Detention Centre and within its resources is addressing its recommendations about the Detention Centre.  

The assertions in the decision also appear to be related to facts which do not exist now and some them did not exist at the time the allegations were made. 

The government again states that it is committed to maintaining the highest standards in any of its detention facilities in The Bahamas and works continuously at achieving those standards within the level of resources that are available.