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viagra sales times;”>Former Chief Justice Sir Michael Barnett told this to Rotary on 12th May: “To some in our society, gender equality may be an anathema. To me, it is not. Others may wish to vote “no” simply to express their dissatisfaction with the Government. That would be unfortunate. As one who supported and actively campaigned for Description: amendments as far back as 2002, I am not surprised by the human reaction to vote “no” as a payback against the PLP Government for the stance it took in 2002. I also understand the reluctance of those who voted “no” in 2002 to now vote “yes”. They are now being asked to vote “yes” to proposals they were advised to vote “no” a few years ago. The public record will reflect that some in the PLP leadership advised the public in 2002 to vote “no” because: “Mr. Ingraham does not need to amend the constitution…… give rights to the children of Bahamian married women who are born overseas”. Bill Number One (1) does exactly what they were told in 2002 was not necessary to do. It may well be that some contrite admission that it was a mistake to advise the electorate to vote “no” 14 years ago would go a long way to in persuading a reluctant electorate to vote now “yes” in June. Decisions on matters of public policy should not be made out of prejudice, anger, bitterness, revenge or spite.”  You may click here for the full statement