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The pictures were all over social media. Elma Campbell Chase, an attorney but most importantly for this purpose a former FNM Senator, Minister and Ambassador was in the clink, it was said for a fraud investigation initiated by an American company and involving her son Che, also an attorney. It was curious though the police response when asked  by the press to comment.  They would only say that they were investigating a fraud matter and had some people in custody but would say nothing more. Compare that to the cases involving Shane Gibson and Frank Smith when the police were all over the media saying how they had arrested these men and they were going to charge them. Double standard: one for the FNM, the other for the PLP.  Of course many people also point how hateful and odious the said subject of the investigation was toward the late Sir Lynden Pindling, a cheer leader for the chant “ the Chief is a tief”, “ knowing that it was wrong incorrect and libelous.  The Bahamian saying “ dig one grave you dig two” is apt.