Former Senator Alexander Maillis Dies

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There will be a state recognized funeral for the late former Senator under  one of the early PLP administrations as  PLP Senator from 1972 to 1978.  This was unusual for a white man to serve as a PLP given the times that the country was then in.  He had earlier run for the PLP in the North Eleuthera district then called St John’s and Harbour Island. He retired from active politics after he was not reappointed to the seat.  During his tenure he created a stir when in a speech in the Senate he indicated that under the PLP he had become a “ fat cat”.   The remark was taken out of context and was simply intended to show how the policies of the PLP had benefited a new generation. The Opposition was delighted since that was what they were accusing the PLP of doing while in office, best viagra lining their own pockets.  That remark may have led to his not being reappointed.  His son Pericles is a lawyer and has served as head of the Bahamas National Trust.  The Prime Minister Perry Christie is expected to speak at the service at the Greek Orthodox Church in West Street on Monday 12th October.