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The following statement was given to The Tribune and published on 2nd June by Maurice Moore former FNM Member of Parliament, Minister, Ambassador, a founding father of the FNM and Meritorious Councilor and an open supporter of Dr. Hubert Minnis, the embattled leader of the FNM.  He seemed to be the one voice of sanity in the sea of insane and inane attacks on Dr. Minnis by his own colleagues. Here is what he told The Tribune in his own words:

“The way I see it is we have one leader and twice during a democratic process he was voted in as the FNM’s leader.

 “What those six members have done publicly is counter-productive to the Free National Movement and is only something that will divide the party despite what Loretta Butler-Turner says.


“It is a democratic process for everyone in the party no matter who you are. So to challenge Dr. Minnis our leader, the way he is being challenged out in the open now, is unbecoming of people who say they want to lead this country.


 “They have to remember that they were elected under the auspices of the FNM not by themselves. In a Westminster system you should deal with it at the national council or the executive level. You should exhaust every possible avenue internally. When that is done and you don’t make headway then you can go public and go tell the governor general whatever it is you want to tell them.


 “But it just shows us that they just want to have their own way and that they want to divide our party. I am disappointed in what they are doing. They are not following the democratic process and its wrong when you have that kind of behaviour from people who want to be leaders.”