Fox Hill Community Centre Board Defends The Centre

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2 October 2020

Dear Editor, 

The Board of the Fox Hill Community Centre hereby confirms that it is the entity responsible for the management and maintenance of the Fox Hill Community Centre. Under agreement with various governmental and community groups, the Fox Hill Community Centre is utilized almost daily, current circumstances notwithstanding, for various purposes by residents of the Fox Hill community. Regular uses include, but are not limited to, adult education and training classes, after-school tutoring, senior citizen activities, youth band and music activities, cultural group committee meetings, community members’ wedding receptions and repasses and various programs under the Ministry of National Security’s Citizen Security and Justice Program.

The Fox Hill Community Centre relies heavily on its agreement with the Ministry of National Security and on the donations of companies and private individuals for financial support. In the post-Dorian and now-COVID-19 environment, the Board continues its efforts to gain more private donation support in the face of a drastically encumbered local economy. Simultaneously, the costs related to utilities and certain labor items remain fixed and the Board seeks to ensure that the Fox Hill Community Centre continues to meet its obligations. As such, the Board has made various adjustments related to both staffing and the facilities. One of these adjustments relates to the pool, which has been closed due to the risk of transmission of viral illnesses that can spread from the close contact that a community pool invariably invites. Moreover, with diminished revenue, the Board has taken the decision to limit pool cleaning to once per month as both an economic savings measure and usage deterrent measure until current health advisories and restrictions are no longer in effect.

It has come to the attention of the Board that a video was circulated via social media where a resident of the community uses extremely abhorrent and vulgar language to address and describe a particular Board member. The Board of the Fox Hill Community Centre unequivocally condemns the use of such vulgar, demeaning, and sexist language as completely unfit for private or public expression or consumption. Further, the Board, based on the aforementioned description and activities, wishes to indicate that while it respects the rights of members of the Fox Hill community and general public to critique its actions and effectiveness, it will not stand for blatant inaccuracies, deliberate mischaracterizations, and sexist smears against any or all of its members. Accordingly, the Board of the Fox Hill Community Centre is in contact with law enforcement authorities with relation to what it deems as cyber bullying and gender-based harassment.

The Fox Hill Community Centre remains committed to serving all members of the Fox Hill community. The Fox Hill Community Centre Board of Directors invites willing and able community and corporate partners to participate in fulfilling the dream of helping Fox Hillians and Bahamians of every stripe have a safe place to learn, meet and grow together.

For further information about the Fox Hill Community Centre, its programs, volunteerism and donation options, feel free to call 242-324-0140 or email

 Fox Hill Community Centre Board of Directors