Fox Hill Community Centre Has A Sewer Problem

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Statement From the Chairman of the PLP

On The Use of The Fox Hill Community Centre

For Immediate Release

2 October 2019

I am advised that raw sewerage is coming up through the drains of the Fox Hill Community Centre. This is because too many people are sheltered there and the building was not meant to deal with long term sheltering of people.

The cesspit has required constant pumping and obviously something has now gone amiss. 

The day before one of the  air conditioning units reportedly stopped working because items of clothing were hung around the machinery. 

The building is privately owned. The Government was granted the use of the building as a temporary shelter. This was done even though the government reneged on its agreement to maintain the building and staff. Now they have taken over the building and it has been wrecked with no end in sight and no idea how the damage and maintenance and repairs will be afforded.