Fox Hill Delegation Arrives in New York

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Fox Hill MP Fred Mitchell with the Pastor’s Council of Fox Hill who are in New York to hear the Bahamas Country address on Monday 26 September. From left Pastor Warren Anderson and Mrs. Anderson of Mt Carey Baptist Church; Bishop Carrington Pinder and Rev. Sabrina Pinder of St Mark’s Baptist Church; Rev. J Carl Rahming of St Paul’s Baptist Church Fox Hill; Rev. Sherelle Saunders of Church of God Faith Mission with her brothers Lester and Walter behind her; Fox Hill MP Fred Mitchell; Jerome Brown aka Beaver; Mrs. Daniel Hall; Calvin Brown; Mrs. Hartman Nixon and Rev. Hartman Nixon of Macedonia Baptist Church; Mrs. Evangeline Rahming and Rev. Daniel Hal of Church of God Bernard Road.


The Fox Hill delegation arrives for the UN speech of Fox Hill MP Fred Mitchell on Monday 26 September. They landed at Laguardia Airport in New York. Left to right Jerome Brown aka Beaver, generic cialis Walter Saunders, viagra buy Rev Sherelle Saunders, Rev Sabrina Pinder, Bishop Carrington Pinder, Mrs Daniel Hall, Rev Hartman Nixon and Mrs Nixon, Rev Daniel Hall, Lester Saunders,Mrs Evangeline Rahming, Pastor J Carl Rahming, Rev Warren Anderson and Mrs Anderson.