Fox Hill Majority Rule Concert 9 January 7pm

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Message From Friends of Fox Hill

On the Concert in honour of Majority Rule Day in tribute to Elder Miriam Roker retired teacher and Sunday school teacher

The Friends are inviting you to a concert of the music of the late Ronnie Butler by musician Nehemiah Hield at the Fox Hill Community Centre on Wednesday 9 January at 7 p m . Please come and support this worthy cause that is designed to help the work of the Centre.

In 2017, the former MP Senator Fred Mitchell formed a non profit company in the United States to support the work of the Centre. We need to produce a promotional brochure to explain the work of the centre to help raise funds in America to support the Centre. So we are trying to do our own fund raising here as local friends of the Centre.

We also thought it was time to honour one of the great citizens of our area for her longstanding contributions to the community. Thus we honour Ms Miriam Roker for her outstanding work as a teacher at Sandilands Primary School and as a Sunday school teacher at Mt Carey Baptist Church. At 95 she still remains active in the life of the community. We would like to say thank you.

The singer Nehemiah Heild formerly of Bahamen has put together a presentation of the music of Ronnie Butler who wrote the song Burma Road. That song has a connection to Fox Hill.

We are asking for a donation of 20 dollars. Please come and support the effort.

Thank you very much and we hope to see you as we celebrate Majority Rule Day in our own special way in Fox Hill and honour Ms Miriam Roker.