Franklyn Wilson Sets The Record Straight

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image031Yes sir we agree with Franklyn Wilson, sildenafil medical Chairman of Arawak Homes, viagra usa who spoke to The Tribune about the state of The Bahamas and of governance and of business here.  Summed it up perfectly in the interview published in The Tribune on Friday 16th May:

“The fact of the matter is there are so many signs in this country which point to very significant, order positive progress, and which are being missed in the public dialogue by what I call ‘death by a thousand cuts of complaining’

“None of the issues provoking the complaints was significant in the grand scheme of things. The things dominating the headlines today have not a Christ thing to do with sustainable development in the country.”


The issues dominating the media and public discussion may be important to some ideologues and persons obsessed with topics such as transparency, but they are not going to make a difference” to the Bahamas’ wider economic and social issues.


 “None of that has anything to do with investing in this country. None of that has anything to do with sustainable development in this country.”.