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A remarkable event greeted the political community last week.  There was an anonymous ad which appeared in the press, all print on 6th August 2019, from the owner of Compass Point, the restaurant and hotel in Gambier on the western end of New Providence.  The owner who later publicly identified himself as Leigh Rodney told the Government in the ad that the FNM had promised to do certain things to make it easier to business in The Bahamas. He said they had failed.  He told them that if they did not start to do it and complete it before the next general election, he would close his business and the 60 people work there would be let go.  That’s tough stuff.  Immediately Bahamian nationalism kicked in.  How dare this man, a foreigner, tell The Bahamas what to do?  The PLP’s Chairman sent out a video telling PLPs that was not the takeaway at all.  The real point is the irony of Dionisio D’Aguilar telling Mr. Rodney he was a guest in our country.  This is the same point that Fred Mitchell, as Minister for Immigration made to Sarkis Izmirlian, the developer at Bahamar, when he attacked Prime Minister Perry Christie.  Mr. D’Aguilar and the FNM attacked Mr. Mitchell for doing so, now here it was they were saying the same thing to another investor.  Also, the PLP and the country now had proof that the FNM, despite their boasts, had done nothing to ease doing business in The Bahamas.  Their whole narrative had been exposed as one big fat lie.