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viagra usa physician times;”>Fred Mitchell speaking at the Independence service in Exuma 8th July.

ambulance times;”>Here is an excerpt from the speech:

here times;”>Let me leave you with this.  You know that right now the Prime Minister is in the midst of a difficult mediation to get the Bahamar project in Cable Beach in Nassau back on track.  It is clear that the developer acted irresponsibly by seeking to remove the fate of that development out of The Bahamas to the courts of the United States of America.

 You heard the Prime Minister explain his role and his response to the attack by the developer on Mr. Christie personally.  The Prime Minister questioned the man’s mental state.  

 You remember the late Sir Lynden Pindling who faced off before the NBC journalists in the United States and how he dealt with them as they accused him of being involved in political malfeasance.  He said: “you all mussy crazy”.

 So one Prime Minister Lynden Pindling set the stage, the lawyers call it precedent.  The language was different but the thought the same.  You can’t come to The Bahamas and talk to our leaders anyway you like.  You gatta be crazy.

That’s why we are independent.  No one can come in our country and talk to us any kind of way.  This is our country.  Those how don’t like how we do things here are free to find the door.  Friends are welcomed to stay. When you do business here, there must be decorum and a respectful way to behave.

In that independence generation, if Carl Francis or Arthur Hanna or Loftus Roker who served as Ministers of Immigration were faced with the developer in The Bahamas of that day, he would not have lasted the next day within the borders of The Bahamas.

These are of course different times, kindler gentler days.

But my predecessor in Fox Hill used to say: not only one woman born a crazy child.  If you could play crazy, I can play crazy too.

So I wish you in Exuma all the best at this independence day.  I congratulate you all for all that you have achieved.  Let us continue to work for all the children so that they can grow up to be strong, confident and free.

You may click here for the full statement: