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(Here is how Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell described reading the New York Times article of 31st January on The Bahamas.  The times later corrected themselves by calling it an editing error.  They are just as bad as The Tribune – Editor)

On Saturday as I was going down to the gym, viagra malady I looked down at the in ground front of the hotel door and I saw a picture of two little boys in school uniforms on the front page of the New York Times.  I thought to myself : “they look like children from The Bahamas in school uniforms.”  I thought nothing further about it until I later picked it up and by Jove it was a picture of children in The Bahamas.

The New York Times said that by our new policies we were making these little children born in The Bahamas foreigners.  The article later said that what was happening in The Bahamas was also happening in the Dominican Republic. That is demonstrably false and not so.


We issued a statement right away. Few people saw our statement compared to the reach of the New York Times.

The Times published the following today on its web site:


Because of an editing error, a picture caption on Saturday for an article about a new immigration policy in the Bahamas that critics say unfairly targets Haitians misstated the effects of the policy on the two boys shown, born in the Bahamas but of Haitian descent. The boys have always been considered Haitian; that is not among the policy changes. (The new policy requires everyone to hold a passport, and as of next fall will also require all schoolchildren who are not citizens to have a student residency permit.)

That does not go far enough to correct the misinformation but I am happy that the point is made

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. They got it wrong and to me the whole House of Cards collapses.