Fred Smith Attempts To Bribe Fred Mitchell

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Fred Smith QC has once more gone over the top.  He circulated a video tape on Saturday 22 April where he is seen speaking and a black man shining his shoes.  Mr. Smith is so mentally obtuse that he probably does not realise how patently offensive his conduct is.  It is purely racist.  The more important point from the statement however is that he confesses that he is supporting the Free National Movement financially.  This means that he is confirming that the Save The Bays money is actually going just as we thought to help the FNM.  Secondly in the video tape, Mr. Smith offers the Minister for Immigration Fred Mitchell money.  Mr. Mitchell said speaking at a meeting in Exuma on 22 April that Mr. Smith has a client before him and a request of the Minister for Immigration to make a quasi-judicial decision.  He questioned the crowd as they re-joined that this was bribery.  Mr. Mitchell said he would be asking the Attorney General to investigate this as a possible bribery offence.