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You have to laugh at this man with the actions of a clown,  Fred Smith Q C, who thinks of himself as the champion of human rights around the world.  So last week, The Tribune entertained him writing a column in the press about the state of and fight for human rights in The Bahamas. The only one who thinks he is the champion of human rights is he himself and the political dummy that he has on hand Joseph Darville to mouth his platitudes. So  after an article full of condemnation of his adopted homeland The Bahamas and then full of self-praise, here is our take. This is not the actions of a genius.  This is a man who has been able to make money off the suffering of people in need. He looks to take advantage of administrative mistakes in the system and then charges on the Government’s account money after he wins the cases. This is not God’s work but the devil.  Shakespeare says even the devil can quote scripture.  It has very little to do with human rights at all.  That is our opinion. Would that he had ended his career on that cliff in Italy. He would have done all of us including himself a favour.