Fred Smith: Ya Must Be Mad Man!

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sildenafil here times;”>This country, find particularly at the time of political season, check has so many whack jobs that you wonder how we survive.  The latest form the whack job department is Fred Smith Q C sending out a press release from the three-man Grand Bahama Human Rights Association in which he claims that the government intends to bring trumped up charges against one of the activist in the association.  He says that this is an attempt to create fear.  He has sent out a notice to all the international organizations.  He bases it on a  comment made by the Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell that they have evidence that one of the activist  warned the people in Eleuthera that immigration officers were coming to  interdict a group of illegal migrants to that island.  No charges  have been filed.  Mr. Smith needs to get a grip and explain if the evidence is in fact true, is that individual not complicit in helping illegal migrants evade our laws.