Fred Smith’s Continuing Perfidy On Immigration Matters

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cialis canada search times;”>The Tribune published an article in its Friday 14th edition in which Fred Smith Q C made an allegation that the decisions of the Immigration Department are causing fear in the foreign community in Freeport.  He is basing it on the fact that some homeowners have had their request for homeowners’ cards turned down. He does not admit that maybe there might be cogent reasons for doing do.  The Tribune sent a message to the Minister for Immigration asking for a response. The response was released for general information on 12 February:

cialis sale treat times;”>Mr. Smith is well known for hyperbole and grossly defamatory statements. I’m not sure if he knows the truth if it stares him in the face. The Department has repeatedly stated its position on these matters. I support the Department. When Mr. Smith is moved to apologize to this country for his defamatory statements about the Department, perhaps the country might take him seriously. 

This is a fellow who urged migrants to sue the government, overwhelm the courts and thereby bankrupt the country. 

And then expects to be taken seriously.