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Senator Fred Mitchell, PLP Chair, addressing the Men’s Branch of the PLP

From The Chairman of the PLP

Responding to the Freeport News Editorial 6 March 2019

For Immediate Release

This is a message to all PLPs and those who support the progressive cause. The Freeport News is at it again talking about the PLP. Guess it’s attempting to raise its circulation.

Isn’t that a wonderful irony in the editorial which claims we are irrelevant but spends two editorials on an irrelevance? My! My! Things must be really slow in Freeport.

I wish to repeat my earlier sentiment. Most PLPs treat the Freeport News with studied indifference and treat it as an irrelevance.

The previous release to you was not talking to the Freeport News. It was a message to you PLPs and PLP supporters. We know what we are doing. They don’t. If that translates into their nefarious descriptions that’s their business not ours.

The point is let us not be distracted by a paper which if it sells 1500 on a good day does well.

The PLPs support in Grand Bahama is overwhelmingly more than that. Our obligation is to them. We must speak for them; stick up for our principles; keep our eyes on the prize. All the Freeport News yada yada is meant to distract us.

The work is on the ground, something the Freeport News would know nothing about or care about since they have pronounced us irrelevant.

In the mean time Duane Sands and Marvin Dames must resign from the Cabinet. That is what is relevant.

We shall see when the votes are counted who was right and who was wrong

Again I say to PLPs that the PLP’S brand is strong in Grand Bahama and throughout the country.

Let us go out and continue to win hearts and minds and make friends.


From the Chairman of the PLP

On Freeport News Editorial 4 March 2019

For Immediate Release

This is a note to all PLPS and supporters of the progressive cause in Grand Bahama. There is an editorial circulating under the headline that the PLP’s brand is weak in Grand Bahama.

This is patent nonsense. The Freeport News would have no way of assessing the brand of the PLP because the record shows since election 2017 that it has generally had no interest in what the PLP does or says. As a result our supporters tend to treat the Freeport News as a studied irrelevance, interested in self serving and self fulfilling prophecies.

Case in point the Freeport News sets up a contest on their front page between the two parties complete with pictures in giant relief of Prime Minister Minnis and Deputy Leader Cooper. Only thing is the contest was in the imagination of the Freeport News. Imagine the Freeport News comparing a PLP branch meeting with an island wide FNM rally

If the PLP wanted to bring out its supporters in Grand Bahama it could have, but no one is interested in that right now. Just ask Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest what happened to him when PLPs booed him and left him speaking to empty chairs after last year’s Labour Day parade .

We have bigger fish to fry than setting up some petty contest of numbers at this point.

What is important is that Dr Duane Sands and Marvin Dames are two ministers judicially condemned. They must resign or be dismissed.

Let me assure all who can and care to see that the PLP is working every day in Grand Bahama and across the country to defeat the FNM. The PLP is united and focused in Grand Bahama and across the nation.

Let’s leave the likes of the Freeport News to their devices and their illusions. There is nothing the PLP can do to please them. The PLP can do nothing right . They seek to sow the seeds of discord.

It’s an old saying but I remind all PLPs of it: there are none so blind as those who will not see.