Freeport Power and Light: Double Standard On The Coopers

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The Cooper family home in Freeport… successful black business people

There was a vicious note sent around by one Navardo Saunders, one of the FNM trolls, which claimed that the Cooper family who owns the franchises for Burger King, KFC and other fast food franchises in Grand Bahama were in trouble with the electricity company because they were using a device allegedly that lowers how much electricity they use. Freeport Power apparently has started an investigation and is accusing the company of allegedly abstracting power before the meter. Our bet is that it is absolutely false. The thing is the device which the power company is concerned about is in widespread use in the commercial sector in Freeport given the usury rates charged by the company for power. The allegation from us is how come it’s only the Black business that gets called out on this. And the leak of course comes from one of the Uncle Toms in the FNM who never saw a black man or black business that they would not wish to fail.