Frye Festival Goes Terribly Wrong

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Exuma and The Bahamas took a hit with their reputations last week when a festival music for the outdoors type at the high end went sour and terribly wrong.  The point is that it had nothing to do with The Bahamas at all.  It was a private function. The entertainer JA Rule admitted that they simply did not know what they were doing and the whole thing collapse into amess.  NO infrastructure, inadequate accommodation, no food, and the weather all put together for a mess.  He promised that tickets would be refunded and all would be returned home safely.  Three thousand people in Exuma is simply madness.  But the good dies is that some people had never heard of the place and landed here during the National Regatta so they got hotel rooms and stayed on.  Bless them.  The Ministry of Tourism’s statement on the matter is below.