Fyre Festival In Exuma Documentary Foolishness

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As if the crooks who put together the so called Fyre Festival Music Extravaganza in Exuma in April 2017which collapsed in a heap of mud and confusion and unpaid bills and a jail sentence for its progenitor had not done enough damage, now comes a documentary on Netflix and Hulu which has the organizer saying that he was extorted for bribes from named Bahaman Ministers and a University of The Bahamas official.  This is certainly a lie. Complete rubbish.  The people he has talked about were not on Exuma at any time during the Festival and so what he describes could not have taken place.  This is just another example of a liar trying to excuse his crooked behavior and wanting to blame the Bahamian natives for it. He was simply a crook. He deserves to go to jail and the organizers should pay the scores of Exuma natives that they stiffed.  What is even more disgusting is that these American film companies keep trotting out nonuse using their loose libel laws to defame people and there is no effective recourse.