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Former MP Philip Galanis

Former Minister Hon. George Smith

21 July, Phil Galanis and George Smith responded to a comments made by Prime Minister Perry Christie that he wanted to stay on as PM because he had been asked to do so by the young members of his team and that he was staying on because he was stabilizing force. Here is what he said in his own words:

Mr Galanis said: “If those statements are correct, that is the height of nonsense. The PLP is much bigger than Mr Christie. It has withstood change in leadership before. His continued leadership has nothing to do with the stability of the PLP. It’s stable and has been so for many years. While there have been moments where we have undergone challenges, there is no credence in the comment that he has to stay on for stability to remain in the PLP.

“If he wants to stay on, just stay on. Be intellectually honest. Don’t say it will bring instability to the party because the party is stable. In the year I won my seat in 1997, we won six seats. At that time many persons suggested that the PLP should re-brand itself or change its name. But the fact is in each instance, we garnered sufficient votes from Bahamians. Some people who serve as minister may be unstable but that has nothing to do with the level of stability in the party. In fact it borders on delusional to suggest that…

“Mr Christie’s statement may be a poor indictment on him. It says he’s chosen people who are supposed to be a bridge to the future yet he is admitting he has failed to appoint or select persons who can be that bridge.”
“There are many people in the party capable and able to lead the party: West Grand Bahama and Bimini MP Obie Wilchcombe, Fox Hill MP Fred Mitchell, Marathon MP Jerome Fitzgerald and Golden Isles MP Michael Halkitis.

“There are any number of persons who would be able to bring a breath of fresh air and new vision and help us get over the Christie fatigue the country is experiencing right now. If he feels the way he does because there is no one who can replace him that in my mind would be an indictment on him.”