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Editor’s note: The first rule of public commentary is that it should be based on the facts.  The question all of the critics of Fred Mitchell over this past week has to ask is whether or not he released any voice note to the public.  If he did not then what are they talking about and criticising.  A private view is a private view. No matter who or how it is exposed to the public.  It is a private view.  Secondly, no comment was came by Fred Mitchell as far as we can discern about the march, its quality etc.  Yet here is what George Smith, former Minister and former MP, had to say about Mr, Mitchell and this site on Wednesday 30 December in The Tribune when obviously the facts were not known:

“One would have to be fairly unfamiliar with the realities in The Bahamas not to have known that that website’s genesis was with Fred Mitchell and you would have been rather naïve to believe that he ever disassociated with it.”

“Politicians in the government should never push their private and personal agenda and I get the impression that too much of that is happening in this phase of our political life in the Bahamas and too many people believe that maybe these websites are being used for that purpose.”

“A minister has to walk a very narrow line in that all the time the public ought to be satisfied in his utterances, in what others claim to be his utterances, in his actions, where he goes, why he goes where he goes, that the public is mindful that the minister is a member of the executive of the government of the Bahamas and in that capacity has both tremendous individual power as well as collective power because he exercises power on behalf of the executive.”