George Smith’s Take On The Boys

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best viagra viagra times;”>image039George Smith MP is a Stalwart Councilor of governing party and served as a Minister of the government and for 25 years in the House of Assembly.  He made this intervention last week in The Nassau Guardian and in The Tribune on the developments with regard to Renward Wells MP and Andre Rollins MP and Greg Moss MP:

cialis buy find times;”>In The Nassau Guardian 17th June, he said: ( On Renward Wells MP) I think for a man who was promoted to be an Einstein, a supposedly brilliant fellow, his conduct with that letter of intent is the mark of an ignorant person.  No parliamentarian with an iota of experience would have signed a letter of intent that he remotely couldn’t have the authority to sign. So he obviously is supposed to be intelligent but  his behavior  points in  a different direction…image037

There are too many boys in politics who didn’t know what they were getting themselves into.  Too many of them are behaving like little spoiled children in a little game.  This is the most important business in The Bahamas, representing the wonderful people of The Bahamas, the almost 400,000 of us and they’re seeing it like a little boys cub.  They lack maturity for what they got into, too many of them.